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Mental Health

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My Happy Mind

My Happy Mind supports and promotes good mental health for every child. The programme is used from Nursery to Year 6 at All Saints and not used only by those at the point of need. The fun, engaging and proactive programme has been designed to provide each child with a toolkit of skills and habits they can use when they face tough times in the future, rather than wait until they are struggling before being taught coping strategies. 

My Happy Mind is taught across five modules: 

  • Meet your brain (basic neuroscience and understand how their brain works)
  • Celebrate (themselves and others - understanding character strengths)
  • Appreciate (who they are and the world around them)
  • Relate (building positive relationships and connections) 
  • Engage (in the world with a goal setting approach and growth mindset)

 The programme is holistic in nature. There is a parenting app which is a strong bridge between school and home meaning parents can also understand, implement and encourage the techniques taught in school at home too. 

The children engage in 'happy breathing' daily to help focus their mind ahead of learning. 

All Saints have been awarded a Bronze Accreditation for My Happy Minds and are currently working towards the Gold Award. 

Click Here for the My Happy Mind Website

'Implementing the My Happy Minds programme at the school has been great. I think it really encourages the kids to pay attention to how they think, feel and engage. As a parent, I have noticed my kids refer to their brain and how it processes their thoughts and helps them take action. My favourite thing about the my happy minds scheme are the breathing exercises, my kids enjoy doing this in class and it’s something they also get to practice at home. Having access to the parent app also helps to keep up the activities the kids practice at school. Overall I think it’s a great tool for their mental health and well being!' (Parent of Year 1 twins at All Saints).