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ALL SAINTS CEVA Primary School E-Safety and AUP


1. What is an AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)?

This Acceptable Use Policy sets out the roles, responsibilities and procedures for the acceptable, safe and responsible use of all technologies to  safeguard adults, children and young people within our school.

At present the internet technologies used extensively by young people in both home and school environments include:

  • Websites/blogs
  • Social Networking and Chat Rooms
  • Gaming/forums on Xbox live etc.
  • Music Downloading
  • Mobile phones with wireless connectivity
  • Email and Instant Messaging

 This policy provides support and guidance to parents/carers and the wider community (where appropriate) for the safe and responsible use of these technologies beyond the school or educatlonal setting. It also explains procedures for any unacceptable use of these technologies by children or young people and refers to school disciplinary procedures for staff.

You can find the E Safety and Acceptable Use Policy in the sidebar.


It is very important you check your child's online activity, in school we closely monitior al internet access from both adults and children to ensure that everyone is safe and working appropriately. Please see some parental guidance to help support you with the relevant app/online games your child is using.


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There is also a Parental Guide for You Tube and Momo which can be found in the sidebar to the right.


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