Celebrating Achievements

 How we reward our children at All Saints

Success is a very individual thing, what is praised is considered on a very personal level. We also understand that how the praise is given must be determined by each individual’s preferences to.

We encourage children to work hard, enjoy school and aspire to the school values at all times. When they hit their targets we acknowledge that by rewarding their success. Rewards can be given to individuals or to reward the House Team of the pupil involved.

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Verbal praise is used throughout the day by all staff and by the pupils themselves. Your child may come home with a sticker, another quick reward for work or actions.

House points can be given to children to recognise great work or behaviour. Each child collects their individual house points on a Merit Card, these are collected weekly and added to the team score. Awards are given to the children when they gain certain number or house points as follows:

100 points gains the child a Bronze Merit badge

200 Silver Merit Badge

300 Gold Merit Badge

500 points for a Crown Badge

700 points for a Platinum Badge


Especially great class or home work might be sent to Mrs Johnson to consider a place for it in the Hall of Fame book. Work is copied and added to the book, the pupil receives a special Head Teacher’s sticker, and the work is mentioned in our celebration assembly on a Friday.

Every week we hold a Celebration Assembly in school to recognise the hard work and achievement of the children. One person from each class is selected, based on their success, to receive a certificate, a seat at the award winner’s bench and an invitation to Head Teachers Tea. Parents of award winners are notified and are invited to attend and their names are published in Head 2 Home.

 Other Rewards


Sports Star - award weekly for outstanding contribution to PE or sport

Religious Education Trophy & “Bishops Award” - given out termly to celebrate outstanding contribution to RE, both in lessons or through positive action in other areas of life.  Bishop’s Award for demonstrating detailed understanding of Religious beliefs.

All Saints Church Trophy - given out termly to pupils who have best demonstrated the school values in action.

Sports Cup - Given to the winning team on our annual Sports Day event.

House Cup - Given out annually to the House Team that has earned the most House Points during the year.

The children are encouraged to share their achievements from out of school activities with the school during our celebration assemblies. We share certificates from a diverse range of activities including, sports, arts, uniformed organisations and religious youth groups to name a few.