Collective Worship

 Collective Worship

"The Bible gives us the reasons for the value and the value helps us to understand what Jesus did and how important God is" Year Four Child.

Collective worship is a special time where children, staff and friends of the school can come together and share ideas and experiences. At their core are our Christian values. An integral part  is the act of worship, which adds a spiritual dimension to the proceedings. All children present are requested to reflect upon the content of the worship and to respond and worship according to Christian traditions.

The whole school has links with the church and local community. Many of the main festivals are celebrated at All Saints Church, parents and members of the community and congregation are always warmly invited to these occasions.

Our local vicar leads Wednesday whole school assemblies at school (or on every first Wednesday of the month at All Saints Church).

Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from the Act of Worship and R.E. lessons however, as parents/guardians choose to send their children to All Saints Church of England Primary School, we would expect that they are happy for them to participate fully.


At the heart of our collective worship are Christain Values. We have 12 in total over a two year rolling programme. A value is focused on in detail every half term. The value is not only discussed in collective worship but permeares accross the school and has a focused lesson weekly for the children to deepen their understanding and knowledge.

The Values that have been agreed by the School Community are those of:


"We like to start the day with Worship as it gives us the opportunity to pause and think. We can get our minds into school and put to one side any difficulties that we may have had before school." Year Five Child.