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Head2Home- H2H is a weekly newsletter written by the Head teacher. It celebrates the children’s learning and gives parents a feel for all the exciting things that are happening in school. We make every attempt to give parents advance notice of school events, H2h is the schools vehicle for this. It is usually published on Fridays; please ensure that you read it.

Bishop John’s Visit

On Monday the Bishop spent the morning in school. He delivered assembly which was very en-joyable and then visited every classroom.

He loved seeing our wonderful children engaged in their learning so much so he wants to return in the near future.

Home School Agreement

We are currently reviewing our Home school agreement in preparation for September.

The children have been consulted through the school council and staff have worked together to produce the part that is applicable to them. We would like you to consider these points as par-ents of the children at All Saints CEVA Primary School.

What a very busy time we hare having in school at the moment! It has been brilliant having Mrs Hall back and working in year 4. Miss Tute and I had a fantastic time last week with our year 4 children on the Kingswood residential.

A polite notice…..

If your child requires the toilet whilst you are waiting for their siblings you are more than welcome to bring them to the office who can arrange a toilet visit. Please don’t allow your child to go to the toilet within the school grounds.

Welcome back after the half-term break. We have welcomed back Mrs Hall, following her swift recovery and we are looking forward to busy weeks ahead. This is just a brief Head2home to-day as Mrs Johnson is away with Miss Tute and Year 4 in Norfolk.


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