PE & Sport

 PE and Dance

The vision for PE at All Saints Primary School and Nursery is:....

  • For all children to experience excellent physical education, school sport and physical activity that will lead to life-long participation
  • For all children to be given leadship opportunities through the delivery of high quality PE and school sports
  • For all children to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle

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The whole school currently follows the Real PE scheme. Real PE focuses on developing the foundation skills to a high level rather than a sports specific approach. We believe this gives the children the ability to be successful across many sports instead of the specialising in just one or two

Real PE also gives the children the opportunity to continually assess their own strengths and weaknesses and in turn find their own level. This approach produces confident individuals who continually know how to push themselves.

 Competitive Sport

All Saints School are part of the Sainsbury's School Games scheme. This gives children the chance to compete against other schools in our region across a wide variety of sports.

Competition is encouraged in school as well with several House Team events held across the year culmination in Sports Day in the summer.

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 The vision for Dance at All Saints CEVA Primary School & Nursery is............

The current National curriculum states that all children should be taught to dance using simple movement patterns in Key Stage 1 and dance using a range of movement patterns in key Stage 2.

We believe that dance also give the children

  • Confidence
  • A Chance to express themselves
  • Good social Skills
  • Improved health and fitness

Each child in the school receives 2 terms of dance lessons every year as part of the PE curriculum. These sessions are planned and delivered by Katy Watts from The Beat Project Dance Company.

The dances always link into our whole school theme, for example when our theme was Brazil and the Rainforest, the children performed a colourful street carnival dance.

The school also provides through Katy, the opportunities for the children to join extra curricular dance groups before and after school. The groups include children from all years with the pinnacle being our Unity Dance. These two groups quite often represent the school at outside performances and we are rightly very proud of the reception they receive.