Our Classes

All staff at our school work tenaciously hard to ensure that all children receive a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum which engages them and challenges their learning.


The children in key stages 1 and 2 are taught English, Mathematics, Science, Information Communication Technology, Religious Education, Art, Design Technology, History, Geography, Physical Education and Personal Social and Health Education. We teach French from Year 1. As a school we are innovative with our curriculum design and presentation with English and Maths being at the core of all that we do. (In key stage 2 Maths is taught in classes of 20).

The curriculum is chronicled into six themes per year. These themes last for approximately six weeks. They are based on prime learning challenges that seek to inspire the children to lead their own learning through a range of subsidiary challenges, underpinned by key skills, which develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them and fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum.

We follow the locally agreed syllabus for RE. This syllabus has a bias towards Christianity, but also challenges the children to consider other mainstream religions and people of no faith.

We encourage the children to work with other classes across the school. This is done by planning whole school projects, year groups working together on themes on a two year rolling programme and by each child having a learning buddy. Also, through ‘The Totally Brilliant All Saints University of Excellence and Uniqueness’, all children are encouraged to pursue their own strengths alongside likeminded children in school.

To enhance the children’s learning, visitors and trips are booked annually for both the whole school and individual classes. We strongly encourage the children to take part in residential visits in Year 4 and Year 6. For some events we ask for a voluntary contribution so that the event can take place. Please see the Charging Policy on the school’s website.