Physical Education

PE Vision

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At All Saints we use a scheme called Real PE. The scheme focuses on developing the children's fundamental skills including agility, balance and coordination. Children work through FUNS challenges throughout their time at All Saints, starting with the yellow challenge all the way up to the black challenges. This is delivered in 2 sessions a week.

In key stage 1 the scheme is topic based using stories, songs and the FUNS challenge cards.

In key stage 2 the focus switches to game based activities and a continuation of the FUNS challenges.

Example Black Challenge

Example Yellow Challenge

School Games

Every year we enter the Northamptonshire School Games programme. This allows us to compete against other schools in various sporting competitions across the county. The sports range from the conventional sports (football, rugby, cricket etc) to the less well known (Curling, Archery, Boccia etc). The programme also ensures that we deliver PE and sports to a high standard and each year, after year long scrutiny, we are awarded a School Games Mark. For the last 4 years we have been awarded the Gold Award and are currently working towards our Platinum.