At All Saints, we follow the scheme of work supplied by Kapow Primary. This follows the five Kapow Primary strands: Performing, Listening, Composing, The history of music and the Inter-related dimensions of music; and which of these strands are woven into each of our music units. This curriculum overview document below allows you to see at a glance the key areas we will be focusing on during each unit. KapowLogo.png

 The Curriculum overview document shows all the  Key Stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum attainment targets for music and which Kapow units help pupils to meet each individual target. For Early Years Foundation Stage,  it shows which Development Matters statements or Early Learning Goals are covered by each unit.

The document also gives a short description of each Kapow unit and key skills covered and can therefore act as a medium-term plan document to be used alongside our individual lesson plans and resources. For the EYFS, we have highlighted which of the 'Characteristics of effective learning' underpins each unit.