Here at All Saints CEVA Primary School, we feel it is important to have a solid understanding of British history that extends pupil’s chronological knowledge. By understanding the past, we are able to gain a more balanced view of the present. It is the story of our lives – what is news today will be history tomorrow! 

Our thrilling WOW events really bring History to life in an exciting and creative way! 

We give children a first-hand experience of significant historical events which will  inspire them to go on and create their own history. 



Here at All Saints CEVA Primary School, we pride ourselves on our geography lessons being the lessons that prepare our children to  understand, develop and protect our world for future generations.

We explore places near to home and also give the children a taste of places and cultures from the  furthest corners of our world!

Children have many opportunities to ask their own questions and, with a little guidance, find their own answers!

Our inspirational geography lessons provide an opportunity for children to work together, to grow, learn and discover the wonderful world around them. We are working together to raise awareness of global issues to help achieve the global goals. 

We link our learning with our Christian values too, looking at how we can be generous to others, show compassion and understand the meaning of justice.

How do we teach Humanities at All Saints

Our Curriculum Key Drivers at All Saints CEVA Primary School Our five core learning characteristics: High Aspirations, Respectfulness, Resilience, Language and Community are our key drivers. These form the backbone of our curriculum with each being built around the five most significant areas of need for OUR children and OUR community.

Geography and History will be taught based within a topic from the Cornerstones Curriculum.  Lessons are knowledge and skill based and learning is assessed throughout and  at the end of each unit.