How we teach computing

Computing lessons are taught discretely, following the Kapow long term Computing scheme. 

The Computing curriculum takes a spiral format, allowing students to revisit topics year on year. Each time a topic is revisited, it is with increasing complexity. The spiral curriculum enables students to utilise prior knowledge so that they can build on previous foundations, rather than starting again. The curriculum is divided into five key areas:

  • Computing systems and networks
  • Programming
  • Creating media
  • Data handling
  • Online safety

Although the Techology strand has been removed from the new Early Years framework 2021, we still feel it is important for children within our early years to have the opportunity to develop their computing skills and confidence from an early age. As such, our Reception class also follow the Kapow EYFS Units as a precursor to their Year 1 learning.  

Computing is also actively encouraged in all subjects. Pupils are actively encouraged to use the wide range of devices to research and produce work not possible without the device. Google classroom is often used during lessons, especially across Key Stage 2, to enable the children to become familiar with the program which can be accessed from home when necessary.

Computing is a highly valued subject at All Saints CEVA Primary School and this is shown through the constant investment made by the school in this area. There are a wide variety of devices in school that are readily available for all children. Some of the devices that we have in school are:

  • iPads
  • Laptops
  • Chromebooks
  • Programmable Robots
  • Digital Cameras
  • Interactive HD Screens in every room.

Online-Safety is at the core of everything related to computing within the school and students are constantly reminded of how to stay safe online and in the virtual world. If they have any concerns they are also taught how to report them appropriately. We recognise the importance of Computing and the need to stay safe online. With this in mind we organise various workshops across the year. In these workshops we talk about the need for Internet Safety and invite experts in to talk to the children.