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We have a range of clubs available for the children to take part in at All Saints School. They are delivered by GLK Academies, Pacesetter Sports, School Staff or Katie (Dance Teacher). 

Day Teacher Year Group Activity
Monday           (8-8.45am) Pacesetters Yr R - Yr 6 Dodgeball
Tuesday          (8-8.45am) Katy Watts Yr 1 - Yr 6 Streetdance
Tuesday     (3.15-4.15pm) Katy Watts Yr 4 - Yr 6 Unity Dance Group
Wednesday (3.15-4.15pm) Pacesetters Yr R - Yr 6 Gymnastics
Wednesday (3.15-4.15pm) Mrs Moss Yr R - Yr 6 Doodle and relax
Thursday   (3.15-4.15pm) Mrs Steventon Yr R - Yr 6 Board Games Club
Thursday  (4.30pm)     Team Football by invitation only
Friday        (3.30-4.15pm) GLK Yr R - Yr 6 Football


GLK, Pacesetters and Unity Dance letters are issued at the beginning of each term.


To book any clubs using Pacesetters, please visit www.pacesetterssports.co.uk/bookings or telephone 01604 686367. All other clubs are bookable through school. 






Today we came into your school to run a taster session for our Gymnastics and Dodgeball Clubs. Details are as follows:

Year Club Day & Time Cost per session
1-6 Dodgeball Monday 8-8.45am £3.60
1-6 Gymnastics Wednesday 3.15-4.15pm £4.35


To book a place onto the above clubs please visit the following website:


Through this online system you need to do the following:

  • Register your children
  • Select which course you would like to attend
  • Then Checkout

Its a really quick process!!

If you have any queries or for more info please ring our office on 01604 686367

Thank you for your support

Emma Pavli












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